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«The tenderness of peonies»

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We have created 1 designs for the place card template  The tenderness of peonies !
Each layout is a thoughtful combination of text, colors and fonts. Not only can you create a seating card exactly like the one you see on the screen, but you can easily customize any of the layouts to make it personalized.

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Write all the necessary information on the place card - guest's name and other important information. Move blocks with text, choose font, size, lettering, text color! We've added only the tools you need. Everything is very simple and convenient.

Need to add additional data? No problem! Just double-click on the desired spot of the invitation template and type in the text! Need to delete a block? Just highlight it and press Delete!

15 different fonts

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Saving for printing

Save your completed place cards for printing at the print shop or photo studio. The finished place card is optimally sized for printing. In addition, we add special margins that are cut off when printing without margins. In the end, you will get exactly the same invitation in printed form as on the screen. Universal format 10×10 is easy to order in any photo studio or print shop.

For high-quality printing in print shops, the finished file has not only fields for trimming, but also special marks. All our invitations have a front and back side for double-sided printing.

300 DPI
Print quality

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Margins for cropping

Marks for cropping

Print from editor

Do you have a photo printer at hand? Load up 10x15 format photo paper and print out the place cards  The tenderness of peonies  by yourself! We recommend using thick photo paper. To avoid part of the image being cropped when printing without margins, the editor adds extra 2.5 mm on each side. This way, you'll get a print of the card exactly as you see it on the screen.

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