Place card templates

You can use our templates to create personalized place cards.

In our large collection of place cards you will be able to find the right template for your celebration. The place cards are put on the table and allow wedding guests to quickly find their seat. We have a variety of place card templates which you can freely modify in the constructor. Each place (banquet) card is made in the same style as one of the invitation templates.

A variety of templates

We have developed over 50 templates, over 250 color themes, and over 1000 layouts. With, you will get a truly wonderful result!

Free editing

Everything can be altered to your liking - you can edit the text, change the font, add/remove text blocks.

Save and print

Download to send digitally, send invitations via messengers, save for printing and send to print from the editor.

Jade meadows
Sakura tenderness
A tale of joy
Spring meadows
Quiet Triumph
Spring Garden
Taste of summer
Tender jasmine
Summer mood
Garden of Love
Red and white wedding
Golden patterns
Triumph of the moment
Peaceful happiness
Eucalyptus Breeze
Lotus Delight
Night serenade
Spring Symphony
Bright summer
Olive Romance
Shores of love
Shining wind
Bronze Summer
Tropical glow
Winter forest
Ruby autumn
Watercolor sky
Summer melody
Evening rose
Olive morning
Summer of roses
Waves of joy
Hydrangea Nova
Peony peace
Beacon of love
Golden hour
First meeting
Cherry Orchard
Hydrangea's Melody
The flavors of Provence
Tender summer
Summer Garden
Whispering leaves
Silver eucalyptus
A tender morning
Nature's Lace
Spring breeze
Summer melody
Scents of the evening
Sakuras' bloom
Rhododendron beauty
Quiet evening
The size of all place (guest) cards is 10 x 5.5 cm, without counting the foldable side that allows the place card to stand on the table. Full size is 10 x 10 cm. Choose one of the place card templates to see the template design options. You will be able to create your own place cards free of charge using our constuctor. After creating all the necessary polygraphic elements for the wedding we strongly advise to go to the nearest photo/printing center. There you will be able to print a seating card much cheaper than when ordering in a specialized wedding studio.