«Evening rose»

The wedding invitation design is crafted in a watercolor technique with delicate pastel tones. The harmonious combination of purple and green shades creates a feeling of freshness and natural beauty, as if the invitation is wrapped in a gentle spring breeze. This invitation is ideal for those who appreciate the beauty of nature and wish to surround their special day with an atmosphere of sophistication and romance.

Digital invitation

This is a great alternative or addition to traditional printed invitations.
The digital invitation looks like a regular story.

Wedding Invitation

Invite guests to the wedding using digital invitations!

The digital invitation consists of different slides. The first slide is the introduction to the invitation.

Place the names of the groom and the bride, the date, and a countdown to the wedding on it.


Guests independently confirm whether they accept the invitation. Additionally, they can:

  • Send wishes to the bride and groom
  • Answer questions about transfer and alcohol
  • Add the wedding to your calendar
  • Set up reminders on Telegram

    Photos of the Bride and Groom

    Probably the most beautiful invitation slide, as it will feature the happy faces of the bride and groom.

    The gallery can come in different types and formats, also with various captions.

    Wedding Information

    Talk about the wedding, traditions, as well as what guests can expect.

    You can also place the following on this slide:

    • Links to websites and social media
    • Contact information for organizers

    Wedding Dress Code

    Specify the preferred dress code for your wedding. If the celebration will be held outdoors, be sure to indicate what clothing and shoes are best to wear.

    Insert a color palette on the slide that will predominantly feature at the wedding.

    Wedding Program

    Расскажите гостям о программе свадьбы. Укажите время начала и окончания, а так же основные мероприятия.

    Если будет предоставлен трансфер, укажите время отправления и место сбора.


    A list of desired gifts from the bride and groom. Help guests choose a gift that will be truly useful to you.

    Guests will be able to choose a gift (this can be done anonymously with your permission) to avoid duplicate gifting.

    Gifts for the Bride and Groom

    Gently and tactfully ask guests not to give flowers, but to give 'wishes in envelopes' instead.

    Final Page of the Invitation

    Simply a beautiful slide with the names of the bride and groom. But you can add a confirmation button for attendance or contact information for organizers.

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    Printed wedding invitation

    If you're a fan of tradition, a printed invitation is your choice.
    The app makes it easy to create a beautiful printed invitation.

    Wedding Invitation

    Personalized invitation for guests - each invitation will automatically insert the guest's name and greeting.

    Sheet format - 10 × 15 cm. There is a backside.

    Wedding Information

    Add information about the wedding, the schedule, and what guests can expect.

    The sheet may contain a personal link as well as a QR code for the personalized digital invitation. This way, guests who receive the printed invitation can learn more about the wedding and confirm their attendance online.

    Sheet format - 10 × 15 cm. There is a backside.

    Wedding Program

    Tell the guests about the wedding program. Indicate the start and end times, as well as the main events.

    If transportation will be provided, indicate the departure time and gathering place.

    Sheet format - 10 × 15 cm. There is a backside.

    Wedding Dress Code

    Specify which dress code is preferred for your wedding. Insert a color palette on the slide that will predominantly feature at the wedding.

    Sheet format - 7.5 × 15 cm.

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    Everything for the wedding banquet

    Everything you need to organize a banquet in the unified style of your wedding!

    Table name card

    These cards are placed on the tables and help guests find their seats. The card usually indicates the guest's name.

    The card has a stand to sit on the table. Card size - 10 × 10 cm (including the stand).

    Table number card

    The table number helps in finding the right table.

    Guests can ask the coordinator or check the invitation for their table number, then find the appropriate table using this number.

    Double-sided table number, placed as a "tent" on the table. Size of one side - 10 × 14.8 cm.

    Seating Plan

    The seating chart helps guests find their place at the table.

    The seating chart usually shows table numbers and the names of the guests who are seated at each table.

    Sheet format - 10 × 15 cm. The chart can be printed on both sides of the sheet.

    Guest Seating Chart

    The seating scheme allows ushers and guests to see all the tables and chairs in the banquet hall and the distribution of guests by tables in a schematic way.

    Sheet format - A4.

    Wedding Menu

    The menu helps guests choose their dishes at the wedding.

    The menu sheet usually lists the dishes that will be served at the wedding, as well as drinks and desserts.

    A survey in digital invitations can help understand guests' preferences for creating the menu.

    Photo report

    Share your wedding impressions with guests by providing access to wedding photos.

    Wedding Photo Gallery

    Share wedding photos with all guests and friends - just send the link to your wedding website.

    Access to the photo report can be opened to some guests, all guests, or with a password.

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