Use the service for free,
or get access to Premium features.
  • PDF invitations
    Downloading invitations for electronic dispatch.
  • Interactive invitations
    With confirmation of attendance (RSVP), a survey, and others.
  • Printed invitations
    In high print quality (300 DPI), without a watermark.
  • Усё для банкету
    Place cards on the table, seating cards, seating arrangement plan, etc.
  • All designs
    All designs, as well as the ability to upload your own designs and photos.
  • Вясельны сайт
    Personal wedding address on the internet (domain).
  • Фотазветка
    Photo gallery about the wedding for your guests.
  • Effective
  • Click on the opportunity to learn more about it.
  • Бясплатна
  • With a watermark
  • Always
  • Преміум
  • Before the wedding
  • $9.99
  • Преміум +
  • One year
  • $39.99

Частыя пытанні

Until what date will the Premium be available?
The premium will be available until the wedding date, and the Premium+ benefits - for one year after the payment. The above-mentioned cost is charged once. We do not have recurring payments.

Can I upgrade from Premium to Premium+?
Yes. You can upgrade from Premium to Premium+ at any time by simply paying the difference. You can first pay for Premium and then upgrade to Premium+ - it will be effective from the date of the upgrade.

Ці ёсць якія-небудзь абмежаванні?
There are no limits on the number of files, invitations, designs, or guests. Premium will be available until the wedding date, and the Premium+ benefits for the duration of a year - only for the current wedding and only for the specified bride and groom.

Хто можа падключыць Преміум?
Калі доступ да вяселля вам адкрыты з іншага акаўнта, то вы таксама можаце аплаціць Преміум. Пры гэтым абодва акаўнты атрымаюць усе перавагі Преміум-доступу.