Use the service for free,
or get access to Premium features.
  • PDF invitations
    Downloading invitations for electronic dispatch.
  • Interactive invitations
    With confirmation of attendance (RSVP), a survey, and others.
  • Printed invitations
    In high print quality (300 DPI), without a watermark.
  • Банкетке арналған барлық нәрсе
    Place cards on the table, seating cards, seating arrangement plan, etc.
  • All designs
    All designs, as well as the ability to upload your own designs and photos.
  • Sending Invitations
    Automatic Sending via WhatsApp and Telegram
  • Wedding website
    Personal wedding address on the internet (domain).
  • Photo report
    Photo gallery about the wedding for your guests.
  • Effective
  • Click on the opportunity to learn more about it.
  • Тегін
  • With a watermark
  • Always
  • Премиум
  • Before the wedding
  • $9.99
  • Премиум +
  • One year
  • $39.99

Жиі сұрақтар

Until what date will the Premium be available?
The premium will be available until the wedding date, and the Premium+ benefits - for one year after the payment. The above-mentioned cost is charged once. We do not have recurring payments.

Can I upgrade from Premium to Premium+?
Yes. You can upgrade from Premium to Premium+ at any time by simply paying the difference. You can first pay for Premium and then upgrade to Premium+ - it will be effective from the date of the upgrade.

Қандай да бір шектеулер бар ма?
There are no limits on the number of files, invitations, designs, or guests. Premium will be available until the wedding date, and the Premium+ benefits for the duration of a year - only for the current wedding and only for the specified bride and groom.

Премиумды кім қоса алады?
Егер сізге үйлену тойына басқа аккаунттан қол жетімді болса, онда сіз де Премиумді төлей аласыз. Бұл жағдайда екі аккаунт та Премиум қолжетімділіктің барлық артықшылықтарын алады.