In the "For Print" section, you can create files designed for ordering at a print shop or for self-printing, as well as templates upon which these files are created. This section consists of two tabs:

  • Invite Guests
  • Everything for the Banquet

Invite Guests

This section is used in several cases:

  1. As a supplement to Interactive Invitations. For example, if you plan to invite guests using printed invitations with a QR code leading to an interactive invitation, you can create print files here.
  2. As an alternative to Digital Invitations. If you plan on using only printed invitations, all work with templates and files will be done in this section.

Everything for the Banquet

This section contains templates and print files for the banquet, such as place cards, table numbers, seating plans and arrangements, and the wedding menu.

Templates and Files

Our service features two types of objects: templates and files. Here's a brief overview of each:

Templates - These are blueprints for creating files. For example, an invitation template generates personalized invitation files, a table number template generates table number files, and so on. If you modify the template, all files using that template will be updated. Typically, templates contain text placeholders in square brackets [] for inserting specific data, such as guest names.

Using guest lists and templates, you can create files. The application generates files by inserting the necessary data into the template's placeholders (square brackets []). You can download, print, or electronically share the files. Any individual file can be edited, but any changes to the template will override the edits within that file.

To create personalized files, fill out the guest list and make template adjustments. If no personalization is needed, simply download the template as a file for sending or printing.

Every template allows you to:

  • Copy
  • Select a design
  • Assign to guests or set as primary
  • Delete

Each file can be:

  • Downloaded
  • Sent to a smartphone (from a PC)
  • Printed (from a PC)
  • Edited

Personalized Files

Personalized files include invitation files, information sheets, and table place cards. These files are created based on the guest list. If a guest declines the invitation, a place card will not be created for them.

Files for Seating Guests

Table number files, seating plans (with a list for each table), and seating charts are created based on the guest arrangement. In the "Banquet" - "Guest Seating" section, perform the guest arrangement. The files will then be created according to this arrangement.

Static Files

Dress codes, wedding programs, and menus are generated simply based on the template without any changes.

Files by Type

Open the relevant section to get information on each file type:

  • Invitations
  • Information Sheets
  • Dress Code
  • Wedding Program
  • Place Cards
  • Seating Chart
  • Seating Plan
  • Table Numbers
  • Wedding Menu

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