Photo Report

A photo report is a great opportunity to share wedding photos with your guests. It consists of a welcome page designed like the invitations and a gallery of photos. The photo report can be accessed through the same links as the interactive invitations. This way, guests can simply open the same link to enjoy the wedding photos.

The photo report is available only after the wedding. To enable it, you need to upload at least 25 photos to the gallery.

Access to the Photo Gallery

The photo gallery can be accessible to everyone or only to certain guests. In the Photo Report Settings, you can choose whether to allow the gallery to be viewed by everyone, require a password, allow only selected guests, or restrict access to certain guests.

Gallery Design

You can change the size of the photos, their layout, the distance between them, as well as the transparency and blur level on the welcome page.

Likes and Counters

Guests can like each photo. If the gallery is accessed through a personal link and a guest likes a photo, a corresponding record will appear in the wedding events. Additionally, each photo tracks the number of views and downloads. Displaying this information can be disabled in the Settings.

Order and Description of Photos

Photos in the gallery can be arranged in any order. A public title can be added to each photo.

Downloading Photos

By default, guests can download the original wedding photos, but this option can be turned off. In this case, guests will only be able to download images optimized for web viewing.

Access Duration

The photo report is available for two months from the wedding date. If a domain is connected to the wedding, the photo report will be available for one year starting from the domain connection date.

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